AirTec 7.5 Alternating Pressure Mattress


  • Full mattress replacement system with 5″ alternating cells and a 2.5″ foam underlay
  • Advanced, whisper-quiet digital pump operation – one of the quietest available on the market
  • Easy to set up and use, only patient weight required
  • Static or alternating modes, adjustable cycle times in alternating mode
  • Offers a seat inflate mode in either static or alternating – increases pressure in cells in sacrum area for greater support when sitting upright in bed
  • Water resistant yet vapour permeable and breathable stretch TPU cover – has a high Moisture Vapour Transfer Rate and decreases shear
  • Fire retardant cover
  • Emergency CPU rapid deflate pull tag
  • Safe working load: 160kg


AirTec 7.5 Full Mattress Replacement – Sizes

  • Single – M21-AMP-S
    Dimensions: 1980 x 880 x 190mm
  • King Single – M21-AMP-KS
    Dimensions: 1980 x 1050 x 190mm



  • Blue cover


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The COBALT Health AirTec 7.5 Alternating Pressure Mattress is an advanced full replacement mattress, featuring 5″ alternating cells and a 2.5″ foam base. It is suitable for users who are at medium to high risk of developing pressure sores and injuries. Total height of the mattress is only 190mm, an added benefit when using a floorline bed as the risk of acquiring injury from falls is much lower.


The AirTec Automatic Pump

The overlay has a whisper quiet digital AirTec pump featuring intelligent control. The system is very easy to set up and operate for home or facility use, with only the patient weight required to set the appropriate inflation level. Cycle time can be adjusted to 10, 15, 20 or 25 minute programs, or it can be set to static mode if this is desired. The system also features a seat inflate mode, in either alternating or static programs, to provide extra support, particularly in the sacrum area, when the bed backrest is elevated. The AirTec 7.5 Alternating Pressure Mattress has simple visual and audible alarms to alert the caregiver of any system or power error.


The AirTec 7.5 Mattress

The AirTec 7.5 Alternating Pressure Mattress is made up of 17 interconnected 5″ cells which operate in an A/B pattern, on top of a 2.5″ foam base layer. Individual cells have alternating inflation and deflation. In alternating mode, pressure is periodically redistributed throughout the body in order to mimic natural sleep movement patterns, and to avoid long term pressurisation of tissue which can cause pressure injury.


The cover of the overlay mattress is a stretch TPU material which is breathable and vapour permeable, yet water resistant. This reduces shear and provides a high Moisture Vapour Transfer Rate (MVTR), which further reduces the risk of pressure sores. The cover is easily removed for laundry with a wrap-around covered waterfall zip. The mattress features a manual CPR pull strap to quickly deflate the mattress in an emergency, and is fire retardant.


The AirTec 7.5 is available in Single or King Single sizes to suit Cobalt Health beds.


All our products are designed to be low-maintenance, reliable, and are built to last. We offer a generous manufacturer’s warranty and keep stocks of all spare parts to ensure continued trouble-free use.


AirTec Alternating Air Mattresses – Cobalt Health

Additional information
Weight14 kg
Dimensions198 × 88 × 15 cm
Cover colour



Single, King Single