Low Progress 20


  • Suitable for patients at risks of falls with a low mattress platform position down to 20cm
  • Attractive enclosed wooden bed ends make the bed perfect for home or facility settings
  • Optional length extension of 200mm
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg functionality to 12° in both directions
  • Electronic height, back rest and knee break adjustment, additional manual leg rest adjustment
  • Dual supports for self-help pole and IV at head of bed
  • Optional three-quarter steel rails or full length wooden rails
  • Integrated push-button release system for full length rails
  • Beech wood grain
  • Individually locking casters
  • Safety standard IEC 60601-2-52:2009



  • Safe working load 170kg
  • Overall length 2115mm, 2388mm with extension
  • Overall width 1025mm
  • Mattress platform length 2000mm, 2200mm with extension
  • Mattress platform width 900mm
  • Mattress platform minimum height 200mm, maximum height 760mm
  • Back rest maximum angle 63°, knee break maximum angle 30°, foot section maximum angle -30°, Trendelenburg maximum angle 12°, reverse Trendelenburg maximum angle 12°



SPHomecare-374 - 500S Self Help Pole Self-Help Pole


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