Gaia Lift-Up Chair

Product Details

  • Hydraulic height adjustment between 490-790mm
  • Suitable for tall users with optional highback
  • Pressure care cushion, optional
  • Large smart locking castors with combined rear breaking standard
  • Synchronised recline and tilt
  • Legrest with adjustable height cushion
  • Height adjustable soft-feel armrests
  • Highest hygiene and infection control standards
  • Advanced European upholstery
  • Made in France


Gaia Lift-Up Chair Specifications

  • Overall dimensions: H 1250 x W 720 x D870mm
  • Seat height: 490-790mm
  • Seat dimensions: W 500 x D 460mm
  • Seat back adjustment angle: 101° to 141°
  • Seat tilt adjustment angle: -9° to -17°
  • Unit weight: 65kg
  • Safe Working Load: 150kg
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COBALT Health introduces the Gaia Lift-Up Chair from Navailles to its new EuroClinic range. The Gaia Lift-Up Chair is a medical treatment chair with adjustable height seat that adapts to all conditions, based on the concept of double ergonomics. Made in France, the Gaia Lift-Up Chair is made to the highest quality.


The Gaia Lift-Up Chair is a mobile and adjustable height medical convalescent chair, remarkable for its high-quality construction and finish, versatility and ergonomics. The seat has a hydraulic height adjustment range between 490-790mm, easily adjustable using a foot peddle, even when the chair is occupied by the patient. The backrest and seat have synchronised adjustment, incorporating seat tilt, to deliver terrific patient support, comfort and weight distribution. This allows for the patient to be put into the perfect position to facilitate treatment, increase rate of recovery, and improve the quality of interractions between patient and healthcare personnel. It is perfectly suited to clinical settings, with careful consideration given to both carer and patient alike, while hygiene and infection control has been considered on all levels.


Fine details make the Gaia Lift-Up Chair stand out from other chairs available on the market: the shape of the backrest and seat cushion is designed for use in convalescent settings to offer comfort and support; the foot rest easily slides out using a foot lever so that the carer does not need to bend over to pull it out; the legrest is length adjustable, to provide the right support for the patient; the headrest can easily be removed, and features a height-adjustable neck cushion; the armrests on both sides are height adjustable and can be lowered to the height of the seat to make side transfers easy.


Product Details

  • Hydraulic height adjustment: The entire chair can be raised between 490-790mm to assist in patient treatment, examination and recovery, with simple hydraulic foot peddle operation.
  • Suitable for tall users: High-back option for taller users available.
  • Pressure care cushion: An advanced pressure care cushion, featuring multi-density gel and foam pockets reduced the risk of pressure sores.
  • Large smart locking castors: Rear castors feature combined breaking which can be activated from either the left or right sides. It is simple to adjust between directional lock or free rolling. Large dual or single-wheeled castors make the chair incredibly portable and easy to maneouvre.
  • Recline and tilt: Synchronised adjustment of the backrest recline and seat tilt offers reassurance to patient and carer alike. An extendable leg rest can be quickly deployed to offer patients relaxation and recuperation. Recline, tilt and legrest are all hydraulically actuated, meaning no power supply is required.
  • Weight-bearing foot plate: The foot plate can be stood on by the patient to make entering and exiting the chair a breeze, without risk of the chair tipping thanks to its spring-loaded design. The foot plate can be retracted using only the carer’s foot, without requiring them to bend.
  • Height adjustable soft-feel armrests: The armrests feature a specially designed shape and materialisation, providing adjustable comfort and support for users. Single-handed adjustment to adjust height, lowering all the way down to seat level to allow side transfers, or for dining. The armrests can support an optional meal tray.
  • Hygiene and infection control: Careful consideration given to the hygiene and infection control demands in a clinical setting. The seat and legrest can be easily removed without tools, while the upholstery features water-resistant stitching and sealing around all edges.
  • Advanced upholstery: The Gaia Chair features advanced Spradling upholstery. It features a ‘fabric look’ or ‘leather look’ surface with a contemporary colour range, to create a stylish and durable upholstery range that will meet the demands of the toughest clinical environment. Silvertex is protected by the Silverguard antimicrobial system and Permablok advanced vinyl protection.
  • Made in France: Made to the highest quality standards in France, each chair is carefully crafted and finished.


Gaia Lift-Up Chair Specifications

  • Overall dimensions: H 1250 x W 720 x D870mm
  • Seat height: 490-790mm
  • Seat dimensions: W 500 x D 460mm
  • Seat back adjustment angle: 101° to 141°
  • Seat tilt adjustment angle: -9° to -17°
  • Unit weight: 65kg
  • Safe Working Load: 150kg


Gaia Lift-Up Chair Options

  • Pressure-reducing seat cushion
  • Dual-wheel Steinco castors
  • Blood sampling armrest
  • Central locking of all 4 wheels
  • PU neckrest headrest
  • IV Pole
  • Oxygen tank support
  • Urine drainage bag support
  • Shampoo tray for hair washing
  • Anatomical reducer for smaller clients
  • Leg supports
  • Range of upholstery and colour options to suit all



Additional information

Standard backrest – C21-EU-GAIA
High backrest – C21-EU-GAIA-HB